5th / 7 - Wickford Regatta (J/22)  June 11-12

​     Had a great first three days ever sailing a J22! Improved throughout a breezy first regatta,          learning how to tune the boat and keep it depowered in 20 - 30 kts.

1st / 5 - Grade 4 Match Race Regatta - Oakcliff (Swedish Match 40)  June 24-26

     Won our first match race regatta together as a team going 8-0 in two round robins and 3-1        to win the finals!

5th / 19 - Buffalo Raw Bar Regatta (J/22)  July 16-17

    Pumped to finish in 5th place behind two Doyles and teams representing Quantum and             North Sails. After countless hours of boat work, we continued to improve our speed as well       as adapting our tactics to a big boat fleet. We're excited to see many of the same                         competitors in Worlds down the road.

1st / 10 - Grade 4 Match Race Regatta - Oakcliff (Swedish Match 40)  July 21-24

     Continued to build our match racing skills going an undefeated 9-0 in the round robin to            win the event! Excited to use this as a stepping stone in preparation to go to the next level        of the sport in our upcoming Grade 3 event.

Upcoming Schedule:

August 4-7: Grade 3 Match Race - Oakcliff (Swedish Match 40)*

August 13-14: New England J-fest (J/22)

August 19-26: J22 World Champsionship - Kingston, CAN (J/22)

*qualified with 1st place finish in Grade 4 match race 6/26

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