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We are a team of six members of the Brown University Sailing Team competing on the J/22 circuit this summer in the lead up to J/22 Worlds in Kingston, Ontario in late August. We are very excited to have won the the youth scholarship boat for the 2016 season and are pumped about our recent successes with a 5th of 19 at the Buffalo Raw Bar Regatta and wins at both the June and July Oakcliff Grade 4 Match Race Regattas. We welcome you to scroll down to find out more about our team, help support our campaign, and follow us as we compete throughout the summer! 

Many thanks, SPHYNQS Sailing             - Sophie, Pat, Haley, Nate, Quinn, and Sam

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We are a team of college sailors from the Brown University sailing team who are thrilled to have won the J/22 Class Association youth scholarship boat for the 2016 season. After growing up sailing everything from optis to B32s in various places across the country, we are excited to be able to team up to develop our skills in a new boat. Click below to find out more!

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We have put together a comprehensive summer schedule traveling all over the northeastern United States in preparation for the 2016 J/22 Worlds in Kingston, Ontario.


See our list of our goals for the summer to get the most out of this amazing opportunity as we work towards J/22 Worlds at the end of the summer.